Tonia Matthews’ current body of work portrays everyday images that carry whimsical characteristics. The objects may be a pair of shoes, a group of purses or a basket filled with stars. The subject matter is gathered from childhood memories in rural Indiana and her current life in urban Baltimore. The prints maintain a continuous theme that a single image is no more important than it’s surrounding environment. This theme is portrayed through energetic marks and color relationships that lead the eye back and forth between figure and ground. Through technique and a whimsical outlook she infuses each image with energy, stunning color and moments of excitement.  

Tonia has exhibited in several juried and solo exhibitions. Some of her solo exhibits include “Works on Paper” at the Henry L. Stimson Center and “Girls Like Ice Cream” at the Washington Printmakers Gallery. The “Girls Like Ice Cream” series traveled to the Grays School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland.  

Matthews' work resides in collections at the National Institute of Health, The College of Notre Dame, and Clemson University. She is represented by the Canton Gallery in Baltimore and the Washington Printmakers Gallery. She received her MFA from Louisiana State University.